Week #1

Facing the New Year…#52essays2017

Well, it’s that time of year…you know the one where so many want to declare that this the year that I am going to…

  • lose weight
  • start working out
  • change my diet
  • become a better person
  • _____________(fill in the blank)

Several years ago I decided that declaring a “New Year Resolution” was setting myself up for failure.  Oh, I would start out the year all determined and before the month of January was over whatever that resolution was had fallen by the wayside never to be thought of again.  I am going for more of a lifestyle change this time making the changes part of my daily habits.  I am using this blog as a way of holding myself accountable for making some changes.  Kind of sounds like a New Year Resolution, but not really.  I just want to live more of a Zen life, I am tired of all the daily stresses and if this is the tipping point for making changes than I am hoping it works and I make it through all 52 weeks.

This year I am trying something new, I want to optimize my mind, body, and spirit.  This blog represents the mind part.  I am a creative person and I need a creative outlet.  Writing is free unlike some of the other things I like to do, drawing or painting and making beaded bracelets (not so expensive but some supplies are needed).  I want to start writing again, something I haven’t done for quite some time. I use to write poems and short stories and even though it never occurred to me to try and get anything published it was a way to escape the crazy that was my life.  Some of my poems represented my current condition and some of the short stories were just that short stories about whatever was going on in my head at the time.

I am doing this for me but because this is a challenge I will adhere to the rule of using #52essays2017.  I may post something public on FB if I feel like it’s worthy. If you happen to like what you read feel free to comment.

Wish me luck!!!


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